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(Food in Savior's Hands)

SBCO's Food Pantry provides fresh, frozen, canned and packaged foods to assist our Neighbors in their meal planning ingredients.

Our food comes from local donations including local churches and banks.
We have also partnered with Coastal Harvest in Hoquiam.  This supplies us with Two government programs TEFAP and TMP which give us a variety of frozen, fresh, and packaged goods. In addition Coastal Harvest has other items that they provide.

We now have a large dedicated storage space for dry goods as well 2 three-door commercial refrigerators and 3 three-door commercial freezers. 
(3of which were donated ... The Lord provides)

We are always looking for new sources of food...

If you would like to donate food or funds please see our  Get Involved section to find out how.

If you are aware of other sources of food we would love to speak to you about that.

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