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What Is Going On Here?

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There have been quite a number of Issues that have been on our minds and hearts in recent months and several changes have taken place within South Beach Christian Outreach. So I hope to highlight some of these Issues over the next few blog articles as well as giving you some prayer challenges and prayerfully some encouragement as to what Our Lord is doing in the South Beach area.

Soups On! We are now serving lunch on the 2nd -4th (5th if there is one) Tuesdays from noon to 2:00. This event is open to the public and there is no charge for lunch.

When we began we were wondering if anyone would show up... They did not... over the past couple of months the numbers have steadily increased and we served around 30-40 meals at our last event. A number of our "Spaghetti Dinner" folks came by and said they will be back... Who is coming?

  • Seniors

  • Widows/Widowers

  • Pastors

  • Singles

  • Unemployed

  • Business men and Women

  • Families

  • Construction workers

  • Homeless

  • City Workers

  • Bus Drivers

  • You if you show up.... come join us

We see this as an opportunity for our community to gather in fellowship, for those who have need of a meal to be fed, for us to be able to share the Good News of Jesus through practical means as well as conversations as the Holy Spirit provides.

There is opportunity for folks to receive prayer for any needs they may have. There are usually a couple of pastors on hand as well as a host of volunteers who are willing and able to pray with and for you.

We have a volunteer staff that cook, clean, set-up and serve. If you are interested in assisting in these areas please feel free to contact us. .

Though the event is free to partake of it does cost to put on. If you feel lead to donate towards this event on a one time or ongoing basis we will have donation box available or contact us at for more information.

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