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What's Going On Here? (Food Distribution)

As I Stated in the previous Blog, SBCO is going through some changes... growing pains might better describe the situation. Let's touch on some things that are going on...

Food Distribution: One of the welcome changes is the addition of fresh and packaged foods being made available to SBCO. One of our Faithful volunteers has opened our eyes to, and pursued, avenues for SBCO to get food to distribute to folks who have need. For the past couple of months we have made available Breads, Fresh Veget, ables, Ham, Calamari, Snack Foods and even Sodas, Coffee Drinks and Gatorade. There is some labor involved to get the food and some transportation costs but other than that this food comes to us at no additional cost. Currently we are getting what Tom can get in his car (and he can get a lot in his car).

That is Today... Please Dream with me a moment....

Picture a large room... a Hall or even a warehouse / metal storage building with shelves stocked with canned goods... Freezers with meats and veg. Tables with boxes of fresh green beans, onions, peppers, broccoli, potatoes etc.

Picture a box truck that can be used not only for collection but also outreach deliveries to areas that we might be able to minister in.

Picture deliveries being made to our building with foods to be distributed....

Picture this place full of volunteers, from our CHURCH Community, ministering to those who have need in our South Beach area with foods for their physical needs and their spiritual needs.

Picture not needing to give out vouchers for food... but food and education on how to use and prepare good food

Picture loaves and fish broken and multiplied as the Lord uses each of us distribute them amongst those gathered.

.... End the Dream sequence...

This is not a lofty dream...

  • There is a Building in Westport that can meet our needs...

  • There is Food available awaiting our pick-up and some ready to be delivered every week...

  • There are Folks in our local fellowships that are willing to contribute their time to serve...

  • There are Financial resources available

Action Items for Realization

  • Prayer:

  • For Revival in our South Beach Community... Beginning with you and me.

  • For the building that would best suit the Outreach and community. Finances for purchase or lease.

  • For a vehicle/truck/trailer to haul food

  • Volunteers to glean and pick up food, work shifts on Outreach days to talk with, and help those who come in.

  • Access and trust from the closed communities that could use a touch from the Lord and a bite to eat.

  • For hearts and minds to serve and receive those The Lord puts in our paths.

  • Do:

  • This is going on Today! On a small scale yes... But its Going On at SBCO.

  • Contact us to volunteer to help on Outreach days or interested in gleaning/collecting food.

  • Contact us if you have our Truck/Van/Boxed trailer

  • Contact us if you have our building (or know of one we should be circling in prayer)

  • Contact us if you are lead to contribute financially to the Outreach

  • Come to Soups On! Have lunch. Meet your Neighbors (Luke 10:25-37).

Contact us (360) 986-6333

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