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Get Involved.

There are a number of ways that you can get involved with SBCO. 
You can Volunteer as a worker in a number of capacities. You can donate materials needed, You can offer to cook or meals. You can donate financially. The possibilities are practically endless... However the most important contribution you can make to this ministry is hold us up to The Lord in prayer for guidance, grace, and provision.


There are a number of ways to contribute financially to SBCO 

  . One Time Gift by cash, check or Paypal,  

  . Monthly giving by cash, check, Paypal, or direct deposit.

  . Attending our Spaghetti Dinner Fundraisers & other such events.

  . You can even support SBCO while you shop at amazon

  . Grants: Does your company/org. provide grants annually? Let us know.


There are several programs you may be able to contribute your time and talents to help SBCO meet the needs and show the Love of Christ to those we come in contact with.

  . Spaghetti Dinner: Cook, Serve, Clean up, Bake cakes.

  . Soup's On! / Voucher days: Cook , Serve, Clean, Vouchers

  . Board & Committees: were are always looking for Believers to help       with ideas, talents and willingness to serve. 

Connections/ Resources

We are always looking for connections with other groups that we might be able to refer folks to that could help them in a time of temporary crisis. We often have folks looking for:

  . Employment             

  . Housing                  

  . Transportation 

Please contact us via e-mail and we can set up a time to talk.

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