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Partners & Supporters

SBCO  is not supported by a particular church or denomination. Our funding and support comes primarily from individuals, grants, and a local churches.

In addition to finances we have been blessed to partner with some local businesses and organizations who have provided other resources in the form of food and other resources

aloha alabama logo.png

Aloha Alabama has committed to provide lunches for our Soup's On! program once a month during the Covid -19 pandemic and beyond. They are blessed to invest in, and help serve our local community .

coastal harvest.png

Coastal Harvest is our partner in our Soup's On! and food distribution program. They provide SBCO with food through Government programs such as TEFAP and TMP as well as their own resources. 


Grays harbor Community Foundation has been a tremendous support to SBCO over the past few years. Especially in contributing in our ability to purchase the Forrest St property. 

ocosta schools.png

Ocosta School District has been a support partner especially during the pandemic of 2020. When the schools had to shut down they provided us with Fresh Fruit, Veg and Milk to distribute to our community. They have also been instrumental in the distribution of a large portion of the "Farm to Families" boxes we have been able to acquire.  Thanks to Heather Sweet, Steve Schmeling and all of the Bus Drivers, Paras, and Kitchen staff that have worked so hard during this time... Ocosta SD is always about more than just education. It is about building healthy families and community as well.

ocosta cares.jpg

Ocosta cares  is a charitable organization that provides food bags for students as well as clothing, backpacks and other needs related to students. They have provided clothing and food donation to SBCO in an effort to support our neighbors.


Grays Harbor United Way has been a support partner for a number of years and has provided funds for  food vouchers, and educational programming. They have always been a support to SBCO's community building program.


Mike Coverdale and staff proposed a Matching Funds challenge to provide funds to support SBCO's efforts to feed  our neighbors especially during the Covid 19 pandemic.

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